Deirdre asked how the blocks were coming for the Storm at Sea quilt. Uh, slowly. The bridal shower is on the 23rd (yes, of September) so if I sew like the wind it can still happen.

I had my quilt group this morning. We sewed for about 3 hours and then I had to kick them out because I had a fake home study appointment. The state in its wisdom decreed that our home study was too comprehensive for their needs so it needed to be redone with less info. Take a moment and try to absorb the absurdity of that. They also waffled on this for 27 days. How do I know that? Because they have 30 days to respond to Utah about our fitness to be parents. They decided on Tuesday afternoon that they want a local social worker to redo it all. When is it due? Friday morning. Today is Thursday and it is my only day off. The husband is tied up at a conference. He’s giving presentations and can’t be here. So the social worker said that she would come visit and then just copy what our home study already had to say about us. She thinks this is way stupid also because it gives her a bunch of work for no reason.

Then I got a beginner belly dance buns workout from Netflix. I started trying to do it and it was crazy hard. I couldn’t figure out what this workout had to do with belly dance for a while until I realized that the workout that had my legs shaking was just the warm-up for the dancing. I couldn’t even try the dance stuff because I was beat. I just stayed in one place and tried to master the hip stuff without confusing myself by adding arm moves. Hopefully, I’ll get more coordinated. The worst part was climbing the stairs afterwards. I was thinking that I may just have to wait down there until someone shows up and could throw down a rope to pull me out.

My quilting group is coming back tonight. No one has to work today so they decided that they could just leave their machines here and come back later to sew more. I know I’ll be having to sew my little heart out so having people keeping me on track is good.