My poor Riley-cat was taken over by an evil spirit during the night. That’s the only explanation. This morning he got in a fight with the dog, got in two fights with my other cat, and started to attack me. That got his butt sent outside to blow off some steam. When I went out to the barn he was angrily pacing across the tops of the stalls and the two barn cats were hiding and making sure they didn’t make eye contact with him. This was all before 9:00 AM. Then he got to come back inside where he picked fights with the other cat again.

When my sewing group came one person brought her big dog that he is afraid of. That seemed to humble him a bit. He hid out and maybe had a nap so he’s not so grumpy. Now he’s being super cuddly and lovely and helping me type. Mood swings are such fun!

6 Replies to “The Exorcism of Riley”

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  2. Maybe he had a bad dream, or woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Some days just start out bad, and no one else seems to understand. You wake up and your whiskers are rumpled and out of kilter, you have to wait too long for the litter box, and everything goes to you-know-what after that.

  3. ROFL Poor misunderstood Riley…. 😉 NOT! I wonder if he’s got girl problems….. Of course the problem COULD be that you keep FIXING all the girls. *snicker* Ah well, better girl-trouble, than baby-trouble. ;p

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