I had a bit of embarrassment today. I had wanted to see the movie Juno but I wasn’t sure if I really should go see it. I knew that if I did I should see it alone. If you don’t know about it, it is a movie about a teenage girl who gets pregnant and then decides to place the baby for adoption. I figured it should be ok because it was a private baby adoption which was far removed from my situation but just in case I grabbed a few extra napkins. Besides, my sister in law saw it and highly recommended it to me.

I don’t cry in movies. The only other movies that can really get to me are the ending of Roman Holiday and the coonhound cemetery scene in Sweet Home Alabama when she apologizes for not being there when her dog got sick. So, I’m watching Juno and I was a bit bored but otherwise just fine until when a month before the baby is due the adoptive father decides to walk out on his wife. From there on it was an almost word-for-word replay of the crashing end of my marriage. It was enough fun the first time, thank you very much, I don’t want to watch it again. I was crying hysterically but pulled myself together until he announces that he’s not staying at a hotel because he found an apartment. I figured if he said proudly that they were throwing in a washer and dryer free I was going to get violent and then demand a writer’s credit, so I left.

I called my mom and told her that she was deputized to cuff my SIL upside the head next time she saw her. I told her about the movie and when I repeated some of the lines she gasped. Thank you Mom. I feel vindicated. Later I called the SIL and told her that I left. She couldn’t figure out why. I repeated some of the scenes. She said that once she heard the lines in my voice she remembered hearing them from me before. Now she is horrified. I felt like saying, “Maybe if you get kidnapped and tortured I can recommend some horror films that you’ll really identify with.” Really, it is almost no fun yelling at her because it is too easy. She still needs cuffed though.

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  1. i’m sorry that you found this hard to cope with but the film itself was a great film and i was kinda werry about going to see the film (im a guy i usually like high action movies, but the trailer looked great) i went to see this with my girlfriend and to be honest its just a shame that what was displayed in the film was close to what you thought was similier to your break up. I shed a tear near the end of the film where Juno and Paulie are lieing in the hospital bed and they deside not to keep the baby.

  2. I CANNOT BELIVE SHE TOLD YOU TO GO SEE THE MOVIE! Yes it was a cute film but not for someone who has/is going through a divorce and who was going to adopt a child! The only redeeming quality is that it does have a realitivly happy ending because the woman does end up getting the kid. Maybe that’s why she told yout o see it? Or maybe she is just what we like to call “special”.

  3. Dang!!!! I’m sorry your SIL so blindly recommended the movie to you, and that you had to revisit some of the BS your ex. visited on you.

    *snort* And you might want to check your phone for tapping, since the dialog seemed to be coming straight from your conversations with your ex.

  4. That’s probably the most cruel thing I have heard in a while. Events like yours aren’t something that just sort of…slip your mind.

    Really sorry that happened to you.

  5. Oh my… That is really terrible! I am so sorry you had to go through that idiocy twice in your life. Sending you positive thoughts…

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