I went to WV this weekend to meet up with a childhood friend. She lives in VA so we were meeting in the middle. We went there for some serious relaxation.

We had a cabin in the woods on a mountain. It was a cute little thing. It had the smallest spiral staircase I’ve ever seen. My shoulders almost didn’t fit in it and I’m not that big. I don’t know if normal sized men would be able to get to the upstairs bedroom.

It had a hot tub outside that we spent inordinate amounts of time in. I’m sure we were way over the advisable limit. If that wasn’t enough, we went to a spa on Saturday. She had a massage and I had a facial that included a head and shoulders massage. Then we hung out in the sauna long enough that they kept bringing us water and bananas. We decided that organ failure probably wouldn’t bother us for at least a few days and besides, we were planning on spending excessive amounts of time in the hot tub that night anyway. We’d rehydrate.

By Saturday night we were so blissed out that we actually had to cut our hot tub time short for fear that we were going to pass out and drown. It was a blast. I highly recommend it.