When I was reading for SciFi Month in November, I started to notice a theme. Several of my books had cats on space ships. I have concerns. I’m sure it is the veterinarian in me coming out, but I’m not so sure that that is a good idea.

It started with Just Out of Jupiter’s Reach by Nnedi Okorafor. I know that she’s a big time cat person so I never was concerned that something bad was going to happen to the cat in the story. But this cat is accompanying their human on a 10 year solo space journey in a sentient space ship. How is this cat going to have any health care? 10 years is a long time for a cat. Now, there was a medicinal garden that the ship was growing in response to any needs that the human had so I’m assuming that herbs would grow for the cat too. I’m going to say that this will probably turn out ok.

I’m less sure about The Last Gifts of the Universe. The cat in this book suits up and heads onto the surface of unexplored planets. He gets in all kinds of dangerous predicaments. There is no need for it. He could stay on the ship when it lands. No need to go traipsing about the surface risking lives and limbs. This was just super poor pet caretaking on the part of the people. I was so distracted by the abysmal pet care that I didn’t really care for this book.


In the middle of all this I went to see The Marvels. Goose started out in the beginning of the movie in a spacesuit riding on Captain Marvel’s shoulder while she flies through space. Seems like the cats are all getting into space travel. I know, I know – He’s not a cat. He’s a Flerkin. But still. I worry.

(Why was that movie so … not good? It could have been great but they just made it silly. I was quite disappointed. Of course, it wasn’t Goose’s fault. He’s a perfect little Flerkin.)