We had signed up for a ride through central Prague on electric bikes. The morning dawned cloudy, cold, and rainy. We got a call asking us if we wanted to reschedule. We didn’t both because we wanted to do it and we knew if we cancelled it was nonrefundable. So we went out to the place arranged and tried out the bikes on the slippery cobblestones. It wasn’t safe. We went back to the hotel.

It was Palm Sunday. We spent some time on the Charles Bridge. It crosses the Vltava River and connects two parts of the city. The bridge is pedestrian only and is lined with statues.


My favorite statues were of course the ones that featured dogs. I don’t care about religious statues at all.

This dog is shiny from people petting him for luck.
Detail of the base of statue of John of Matha
View of Prague Castle from the bridge

It was crowded on the bridge on Sunday. We heard some music getting closer from the far side of the bridge. Suddenly we saw horses pushing their way through the crowd.