I went for my two month ayurvedic check up.  I think I’m slightly better.  I have a small spot of psoriasis on the side of my nose.  Normally I had to treat that with  medicine about once a week.  I haven’t had anything there for a month.  The bad places on my head don’t seem smaller but I am using less medicine topically on them and they are staying the same.

The doctor said that my pulses are better.  He didn’t seem to think I was going to expire on the carpet this time.  He dismissed my grumping about not being lots better with, “You’ve had this for 25 years.  What do you want in 2 months?”  Good point.

I’m supposed to stay on the same regimen as before and add in more detox stuff.  It is called Mahamanjisthadi Kwath.  Luckily I can order that online and not have to say it on the phone.