Today it was 29 degrees when I went to let the horses out. So I officially designated it the first coat day of winter – not for me, for the horses. (I’ve lost too much body fat this year and am having the unforseen side effect of freezing to death. I’m trying not to whine about this though because every woman in America will tell me to SHUT THE FU#$ UP! and rightfully so for complaining about weight loss.)

Anyway, I always intend to plan ahead and wash the horse blankets before the first coat day. I even thought about it yesterday in fact. But I never get it done so I’m hauling out mud splattered crusty horse blankets out from wherever I dropped them on the last coat day of last winter and putting them on impatient horses.

Spirit has apparently had a good summer. I had to let some of the straps on his blanket out a considerable amount. He was stomping and trying to open the stall door himself since I was fussing at his blanket and got getting him outside like he belonged. I explained that I hadn’t been the one who was stuffing myself to the gills all summer so my blankets needed let out so he was just going to have to wait. Prize’s still fit the same. I always feel better about turning them out during hunting season when they are wearing green and purple.

I took a picture of the little dears. Prize had just walked up to the fence and they looked at each other and touched noses. I was hoping I got the shot right at the instant of the two of them touching and having their ears up and friendly looks on their faces.


Uh, no. A split second before this shot they looked like that. This is the position a split second before Prize bit Spirit and chased him around for a while. Note his pinned back ears. We all knew what was about to happen.