I’m a bit slow at times. It is a good thing that everyone I’m surrounded by have no problem with straightening me out.

I went out this morning to turn the horses out. It has suddenly gotten colder and there were some snow flurries in the air. I wondered whether or not to break out the winter blankets but it didn’t seem that cold. I led Spirit out and he came willingly. Then I took his halter off and he started to turn to go back to the barn. I held onto him and turned him back to the pasture. He turned again. I pushed him back. He stopped and gave me his, “I’m at the end of my patience with you” look. About that time I noticed that I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore. I asked him if he thought it was too cold to be outside. He didn’t answer because he was too busy shoving his head back onto his halter. I met the husband in the driveway on our way back. He asked if Spirit said it was too cold. I said yes and he said that he didn’t blame him at all. I still thought they were all being wimps.

So I fed the horses and came back inside. Then I decided to look at the temp. It was 19 degrees. Since it was 60 degrees two days ago I guess I understand why he was unenthusiastic about going out.