My body has been invaded by the toughest cold ever. It didn’t sneak up on me or anything subtle like that. At 10:00 AM Wednesday I was fine and at 10:02 AM I was immobilized.

I’m not sure what has been worse the cold itself or the cold medicine I took. Something has been making sleep 12 hours a day. At least that lets me escape the pounding headache that I have when I’m awake. But when I am sleeping longer than Snowball you know the world is skewed.

I think weird thoughts too. I was contemplating my headache and decided that I was really glad I don’t have migranes because bad headaches suck. That led to be considering other chronic diseases I’m glad I don’t have. I mean no one wants chronic but if I have to have one I’m glad I have psoriasis. Sure people sometimes point and ask questions but if they get too obnoxious I can always get them to back off by telling them I have leprosy. Constant itching gets old quickly but it could be worse.

Then one time I woke up and decided that I was way too lazy to use the path that we had laid out in the backyard. I went wandering in the backyard with my eyes closed to determine a better path.

Yes, this is my brain on cold medicine.