I would like Riley to be an indoor cat. Riley wouldn’t like to be a totally indoor cat. Sure, if it is raining or scary outside then inside is great but inside all the time….let’s not go crazy.

I’d been worried about what would happen when spring got here and my former country cat wanted to be outside in the city. Here’s what’s happened so far.

1. We live on the way to the hospital. Ambulances with sirens are very scary. They keep Riley close to home!

2. There is already a cat in the neighborhood. It is a little bitty black cat. Riley went over and tried to slap it around to show it who the boss is. The neighborhood bossdom was established firmly as this cat whupped Riley all the way back home.

3. Yesterday poor Riley got stuck on the garage. Not in, on. The best I can figure he climbed a tree next to it and stepped over. Not hard at all. But the trunk has no branches which makes getting down it very similar to a barely controlled headfirst dive. He had enough sense not to do that. But then he was stuck. We tried to convince him to jump down on the truck but he wasn’t having it. I admit I made fun of him. “If we have to call the fire department, Riley, there will be sirens.” Then we got out the ladder and the BIL grabbed him off the roof. The poor cat headed inside to sulk. I’m sure somewhere the little black cat was watching and laughing himself silly.