Signs, signs

I have a love/hate relationship with churches that have signs with “catchy” sayings on them. Mostly they annoy me but I get pleasure from being annoyed by them. Sick but true. But I’ve never considered calling up a church and yelling until two days ago.

This sign said, “Jesus rose 2009 years ago.” The 2009 was in red so it really stood out.
Now depending on your source Jesus was supposed to have been born sometime between 5 BC and 3 AD. If he lived 33 years then we are looking at 28-36 AD which is way less than 2009 years ago.

I just want to call and ask if their problem is with history or math. I won’t though because I don’t want to explain that to people who’d put that in red in the first place.

And don’t even get me started on the No God, No Peace signs…

What Do You Think?

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