Vacation differences

The SO and I have different ideas of what makes a good vacation. I’m decidely low rent. He likes a bit of luxury. So when I decided that I want to go to Belize this fall I tried to think up something that would make us both happy. He’s never travelled out of the country except in the army. Apparently we needed to start at the beginning with foreign travel plans.

He was sort of upset about Belize and I didn’t understand why. Finally he said that he wasn’t used to going places like that and wasn’t sure he’d feel safe without an M-16 and several grenades.

Me: You know that you’ll probably be safer without the weapons.

Him: Really?

Me: it is amazing the difference in people’s attitudes when you go to their country and say hi all friendly-like instead of going there to overthrow the government.

Him: I guess so.

Me: Promise

He did some research on Belize and now is all gung-ho. I just keep repeating, “Say hi friendly-like” to remind him that we aren’t going there to conquer the place. I swear you can take the guy out of the army….

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