It is cold here. It has been cold all week. On Monday I turned the horses out because the sun was shining and it was pretty out. I thought they were having fun. Spirit was running around with more zip than I’ve seen in a while. I thought he was happy because of the sun. Turns out he had to keep moving or else his blood would have frozen in his veins.
I am totally unable to judge temperatures under 20 degrees F. I think 20 is the coldest temperature possible and everything lower than that feels warmer. Perhaps that is because I’m starting to freeze to death. It was 13 here on Monday. It was 6 yesterday.
I think the whole state is going to come down with pneumonia because last week it was 60. It doesn’t go gradually down from there. No, it is 60 and then with a snap of the cosmic fingers it is 13.
But, I know that I can always feel better by surfing. I can look at Yarn Harlot and see that it was -33 C in her part of Canada this week and I look at Eclectic Blog to see it is -29 C on the other side of Canada. God bless the Canadians so cheering me up so.