I’m sitting here filling out my entry for the show at the end of the month. I’ve signed up for:

  • Morgan Sport Horse on the Triangle – 4 and over
  • Morgan Sport Horse on the Triangle – Amateur
  • Adult Amateur Walk Trot
  • Morgan Sport Horse Suitability
  • Suitability for Dressage
  • Adult Amateur Equitation
  • The first two sport horse classes are judged on Prize’s build. I’m hoping the judge assumes she’s pregnant and doesn’t ask. If she asks I’m going to have to admit that she’s just fat. Those are the classes that I’d really like her to do well in. She has wins in this class at Morgan shows and Sport Horse breeding shows.

    The walk-trot class will be her first riding class and will be a good warm up. The two suitability classes are just for fun. I’m signing up for the equitation class because my mother is coming to groom for me. When I was growing up she had a rule that I had to ride in equitation in every show we went to. I have no idea why but I’m sure it is still in effect.

    One of the reasons that I’ll really wanting to go this year is because the Morgan sport horse division at this show hasn’t had a lot of entries. I’m afraid if I don’t go this year they are going to drop it and then I’ll never be able to compete here.