The other day at ten minutes to 11 I heard a tentative male voice say, “Heather, are you naked?” Several things could have shocked me about that experience.

  • 1. There was a man talking to me that I couldn’t see
  • 2. He was asking me if I was naked
  • But the thing that really got to me was

  • 3. It was ten minutes to 11
  • Yes, my contractors who think that a normal work day can start as late as 6-9 PM were at my house at ten minutes to 11 in the MORNING!

    I worked through the shock and responded, “Normally when my husband is out of town I do sit around naked just in case a strange man wants to come over but since I would never have expected you guys this early I am still dressed.” Contractor #2 worked that out in his head and finally figured out it was safe to come in.

    When contractor #1 walked in I observed, “I thought that if you guys went outside before noon you’d explode in the cloud of dust just like a vampire.” Then I spent some time wondering if I’ve watched WAY too much Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

    I think that in the last two days they have accomplished more than they have accomplished over the period of a week or two before. It’s amazing what can happen if you actually spend time working on a project.

    Just as a sign of how involved this project is my husband let me know that a person from Lowe’s is coming over today to see. I think we’re keeping the store in business and they are coming over to pay homage.