Yesterday I had to run to the big city to pick up something for the husband. I decided that since was going right downtown to the museum district that I would take in a museum. I looked at websites and picked the Columbus Museum of Art because there was going to be a guided tour of one exhibit at noon and I just had time to get there.

I had never been to this museum before and was quite impressed with it. The exhibit I went to see was a sculpture exhibit by Dale Hanson. He made very lifelike statues of people. They were spread out throughout the museum. People were often fooled into thinking they were real. It was sort of creepy to be looking at them close up because there was always this feeling that they were going to suddenly look at you. The museum guards had been getting in the act by sitting very still on their chairs to see if they could get visitors to come up close to see if they were real.

Here’s an example of what you would find scattered around the museum.
Man with Camera