It is amazing how you are perceived by other people. I was told on Monday at work that they were going to have food yesterday for the holiday and I was not to bring “any of that healthy @$##”. So I thought of the one of the worst things I could make and it was a huge hit.

Cookie Pizza

1 roll refrigerated cookie dough (I use chocolate chip)
mini marshmallows
sundae sauces
anything else you want

Preheat oven as directed for cookies. Spread dough on cookie sheet 1/4 inch thick in roughly a circular shape. Drizzle chocolate sundae topping over dough. Cover surface with marshmallows. Drizzle caramel sauce over marshmallows. Top with anything else you want as long as it has absolutely no nutritional value. Cook according to cookie directions.

Quick, easy, yummy! I was asked by people there if I had to go out and buy all the sugary stuff. The answer was yes and I guess that will just confirm their idea of me as a organic-loving, healthy food eating vegetarian. They don’t understand that the bad stuff gets eaten right away so it isn’t laying around the house for me to make desserts!