Happy Yule to everyone! And happy Global Orgasm Day. This is a holiday that the husband has decided to fully support. He said that he would try to several people to celebrate Orgasm Day with today and I told him that that was very charitable of him as long as he was ok with me doing the same. He hasn’t come home from work yet so I’m suspicious that he actually be celebrating. LOL

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  1. Also wishing you a happy Belated Yule, and hope you had a good Orgasm day. 😉 I didn’t get to, as I’ve been bleeding for 6 days now. *sigh* Was hoping to get some personal action in, too. *deep sigh* And so was hubby, for that matter. 😉 Just glanced out the window & we’re having a white christmas after all (besides what was on the ground previously). The white stuff is falling fast & furious. And thick & wet (abnormal, this time of year, for the snow to be wet, it’s normally dry & powdery).

    Have a Blessed Day!

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