We did the whole holiday thing on Friday and Saturday. We were driving home last night when we realized that we hadn’t been grocery shopping. That’s not normally a problem because we can just run out to the store. But today is the one day that you officially can’t eat in America – Christmas.

We learned this a few years ago when an ice storm knocked out our power for a few days over Christmas. We ate out at any restauarant that had power on every day but Christmas. That day we had a doughnut from a gas station (and there was a line for them) and popcorn at the movies. I guess it is good that one day a year Americans can actually get a glimpse into the lives of others. It is strange spending time actively searching for where your next meal will come from. Even then it wasn’t a matter of not having anything to eat at all but just not having anything healthy or anything you specifically want.

Last night we were able to get into a drugstore and get milk and soup. Not everyone is so lucky.