I’ve been cooking up a storm today to try to use up a monster zucchini and its slightly smaller friend. They are the first zucchini of the season and I was slightly stumped about what to do with them which can’t be a good sign.

The largest one was about 2 feet long. When I shredded that one this morning I got about 5.5 cups. I used 1.25 cups for these muffins (which I actually baked as a loaf) and then froze the rest for zucchini bread later in the year.

My second zucchini dish of the day was based on this gnocchi with zucchini ribbons recipe but I made it with whole wheat ravioli instead of gnocchi. It was quick and very good. I made the zucchini ribbons using a vegetable peeler. Even the bird slurped the zucchini ribbons right up just like pasta!

Right now I have the chocolate mint chocolate chip soy ice cream from Conscious Kitchen mixing the ice cream freezer. I have chocolate mint growing here so that’s fresh from the garden too.

I’m having sewing group tonight so I don’t have to eat all of the stuff I made all by myself!