I have a crazy barn cat that doesn’t care to be petted but finds it great fun to walk between your feet while you are in the aisle. The degree of difficulty increases when she rubs her whole body up against whatever foot comes forward as you walk. She is going to kill me someday. Sometimes you can reach down and pet her and she’ll get mad and run ahead leaving you to walk down the aisle unimpeded. Even an energetic shove with a foot doesn’t stop her. I usually have a running commentary with her as I slowly walk down the aisle to feed her so she’ll leave me alone.

Yesterday our conversation went like this:
“You know that someday something horrible is going to happen… You are going to trip me and I’ll die. Then who will feed you…. You really have to stop this…. Someday I’m going to step on you….”


I stepped on her paw. It wasn’t as bad as she made it out to be. It wasn’t like I hadn’t warned her. She ran off and turned around and gave me the nastiest look. She had her feelings hurt much more than her paw. But this morning she sat on the top of the stalls when I came in the barn and yelled at me which to my mind is much better than walking with her.

Last night Riley came home smelling of skunk. I grabbed him and soaked him down with peroxide and baking soda. He was unhappy. Then I put him in the shower and turned on the water. I watched some great acrobatics through the glass shower doors. He finally curled up where the water couldn’t get him so I had to go inside and use the sprayer to wash him up. Strangely he didn’t mind getting sprayed. He absolutely loved towel drying!

Then later he got his paw hurt too. He managed to put his paw under the chair leg of a person in my sewing group. I have no idea how that was even possible but there was blood curdling cat screams for a second while we figured out what was wrong and got the chair off of him. He wasn’t really hurt either but he went off for a pout.

It was a bad day to be a cat at my house yesterday.

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