Crazy of the Day

Antifreeze poisoning is something that we don’t treat often, fortunately. But, when we have to treat we have to treat it immediately if not sooner.

We keep a vial of the antidote here for that reason. We can start treatment and then order more if we need it. It is crazy expensive. Our cost is just under $400.

We have a dog here whose treatment will use up a whole vial. When we went to reorder we were told it was on backorder. There are no other manufacturers. However there is a human equivalent. Great, so we’ll order that please since it is identical to the vet drug but just in a different package. After a whole CYA discussion about it being identical but they can’t officially recommend it in animals, blah,blah,blah, the office manager asked about the cost. Obviously since it is the same drug it costs the same, right?

$6200 a vial!!!!

Gotta love human medicine. We are so horrified by the $400 a vial that we sell it at cost to keep the total cost under $700 for days of hospitalization and blood tests.

When the office manager stopped laughing she declined to order the human-labelled drug. We’ll be going back to the old school antidote- IV vodka.

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