I’m on a cruise. If that just made you screech internally, you may be interested in knowing what precautions are being taken now.

This was supposed to be a river cruise on the Danube in October 2020. Yeah, that didn’t happen. So it got postponed and upgraded to an ocean cruise in Greece and Italy. It was supposed to include a day in Turkey but Italy isn’t letting people who have been to Turkey come to Italy so that day got moved to Santorini.


To go to Greece you need either:

  1. To be vaccinated – We did this.
  2. To have a negative PCR test within 48 hours of arrival
  3. A certificate saying you have recovered from COVID within 6 months.


We are cruising with Viking. Their requirements are:

  1. Vaccination AND
  2. A negative PCR test 72 hours before your first flight

Once onboard:

  1. Daily health survey completed each morning that asks about COVID symptoms
  2. Daily saliva PCR tests each morning
  3. Wear a contact tracing device at all times. If someone would turn up positive, they will know who was in contact with that person.
  4. Hand washing stations outside every place you can eat
  5. Hand sanitizer stations all over the place
  6. Daily temperature checks before you are allowed to have breakfast
  7. Even with all that, making us probably among the most monitored people on the planet, masks are required at all times.

If the virus gets through all that, it deserves to win.