We were watching Real Women Have Curves the other day on Lifetime. If you don’t know the movie it is about having a healthy body image regardless of size. Every commercial break had a commercial for yogurt with the line – “Wouldn’t be great to gain a waist?” with a graphic of a yogurt container having its middle squished until it was hourglass-shaped. Lovely mixed messages there.

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  1. LOL Is that the one with the girl in it who now plays “Ugly Betty”???? if so, then yeah, that was a pretty fantastic movie!

    Re: the Pet Vet game, this is what the back of the game box says:

    Now you can pamper and rescue all of your favorite creatures at your own Paws & Claws Pet Vet. Nurture and love the animals to grow your business and become every animal’s best friend!

    Nurse all of your injured patients back to health through 20+ cases.

    Choose from 10+ different kinds of animals, from Cockatoos and guinea pigs to dogs and horses.

    Visit the 3D clothing shop and choose from 9 cute outfits.

    Become the best vet and you’ll grow your business into the biggest pet clinic in town!

    So, some superficiality there, and a definite plug for working a “regular job in a capitalist society” but it’s better than the Bratz game, or “That’s So Raven”. Ironically, DD’s been doing the best with the birds, while she seems to lose all her guinea pigs, and she hasn’t yet worked her way up to dogs & cats, much less horses. *grin*

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