Scheduling end of the year posts for the next few days means that I have to post my December Wrap Up early.  It bothers me.  What if I finish more books?  Then this post is a lie.  Of course no one will know but me.  I just DNFed the main book I was reading though so that will help slow me down from finishing anything else soon.

I read 17 books in December.

They were:

  • Set in Syria, Yugoslavia, India, England, and the U.S.
  • 3 audiobooks
  • 4 nonfiction and 13 fiction

The authors were:

  • 5 POC women and 10 white women
  • 1 POC man and 2 white men

I’ve hardly reviewed any of them.  I need to get writing.  I’m waiting until after the #DSFFBookClub discussion of Ashala Wolf on 12/30 to finish up the review for that one because what I wrote was boring.  Hopefully the discussion questions will help make it better.