In 2016 I read 153 different authors.

I also read several anthologies and books written by multiple authors but for the purposes of these stats, I’m not counting them.  It was too hard to factor them in fairly.  Also I read several authors multiple times this year, but for the purposes of stats I’m only counting them once.


Once again I don’t fit into the “Publishing is overwhelmingly male” stereotype. I never even come close to reading as many male authors as female. This changes if you consider only nonfiction where my reading is mostly male. I had my only male oriented reading month ever this year when I was reading heavily nonfiction.

Female Authors


This shows a little more diversity than 2015. I was around 72% white there versus 68% here. Still not great considering the fact that I am actively seeking out books from around the world. Adding in the 2 pan-African anthologies would help numbers but still, needs to be better.

I read 11 female authors more than once this year. Tamora Pierce was the most read with 10 because I was binging. After that was Elise Kova with 5 and Sheri Tepper with 3.

Male Authors


This is better. It is only 58% white. The only male author I read more than once was Daniel Jose Older. I read 4 of his books.

For comparison with my author numbers, here is a rough breakdown of the population of the world by percentage.


If I was representative of the world, I’d have way more Asian authors.  That’s going to be a reading goal for 2017.  I was actually surprised looking at these numbers.  I thought that I had read way more Indian authors than East Asian authors.  I think that was because the books from Indian authors were mostly set in India while I tended to read Chinese-American and Japanese-American authors with books set in all different locations.  The books don’t all group together in my mind.  I’ve already picked out a bunch of books by Asian authors to read to try to increase my percentages.