I ended up reading 185 books this year.

My husband saw my Goodreads end of year stats.  He seemed disappointed in my reading.  I assured him that this was the most I had ever read in a year.  He is not convinced.

He also asked if Goodreads ranked people.  Can you imagine?  There’d be some cut-throat behavior on that site.  “I’m the best reader!”  “No, I am!”  People would be reading picture books only to get their numbers up.  He has no idea how competitive readers can be.

Let’s break it down.  What genres did I read?


As always, fantasy was my top genre. I just can’t resist magic.


Nonfiction all types comes in a close second. That was mostly memoirs (21) followed by history (14) and then rest were hard to classify. There was social issues and challenges and food books, etc.


Historical fiction is a favorite but I never read as much of it as I think I do.


There was a surge of Regency romances around September that upped these numbers.


I’m surprised that I read this many mysteries this year. I’m not a huge fan.


Science fiction was down this year.


I’m still not a huge graphic novel fan. They are over too quickly.


I guess this is proof that I like my books to take a long time. I listen whenever I’m in the car.


I would like to read more translated books.

That doesn’t account for everything. I had a few YA contemporaries and a couple middle grade books. I read 9 books that I would count as chick lit and 14 that defied any genre classification.

Did you read more or less than last year?