Today it is time to tackle the space under the bathroom sink. This has always been a place for me to throw everything that I didn’t know what to do with. Here’s a partial list of what I found there.


A purse with several pairs of nice earrings inside along with the ex’s birth certificate, cruise plans, and the receipt for my mattress.
A fly swatter
A very nice riding crop. I know I had this inside because I was saving it for show use. Yes, I keep riding crops in my bathroom and I can’t even claim any kinky use for them. I just wanted to keep them clean.
A full cheek snaffle bit and a horse brush
My horse’s clippers (so they don’t get rusty staying in the barn)
The program for a friend’s wedding
Receipts for medicine from last year so I know I missed deducting them on my taxes
93 cents

…And that’s just the stuff that doesn’t seem to have a purpose for being in the bathroom.

I pulled everything out and separated it into piles of garbage, Goodwill, to go back into the cabinet, and belongs somewhere else. Then I wiped out the cabinet and lined it with paper towels.

Time – 15 minutes


2 Replies to “Declutter challenge #2”

  1. ahhh, I’m OK under the bathroom sink — not a clutter spot I use a lot… I did find a couple of plastic dye pots, an old flowerpot..

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