Number 88 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list was a big one.

Keep my car clean enough for one week that I could carry three other people in it without rearranging anything

I’m a car slob. I live out of my car especially when I’m working a lot. But I get my oil changed sometimes at a place where they clean the car out too and I was too embarrassed to take my car last time since there was no way they could clean it. I finally just decided to clean it.

I pulled everything out of the car. I just dumped it all on the garage floor. Then I went through it and had to put it all somewhere else or else throw it out. I got the car cleaned. I feel sort of bad about this since it was very icky. I took it to a cleaning place and the guys working on my car were not experiencing high job satisfaction at the time. The other group of cleaners cleaned 3 cars while they were working on mine. They probably could have gone faster if they didn’t stop to keep shooting dirty looks at me. I was preparing my defense if they said anything to me. “Yeah, I know. I told her not to trash the car like this!” said in shock and dismay.

Then I went to Colorado. I figured that I really shouldn’t count that as my week with a clean car since I wasn’t even in the same state with the vehicle. That seemed like cheating.

But miracle of miracles, I was so happy with my car being uncluttered that I’ve kept it that way ever since. It has been over a month now. Picking up my junk from it every night is becoming a habit.