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29 Mar, 2009

End of 1001 Days

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My 101 Things in 1001 Days ended yesterday.

These are the things that I’m going to do between July 1, 2006 and March 28, 2009.

What I did:

1. Go tubing Jan. 31, 2009
2. Go canoeing June 2008

4. Visit local historical museum Sept 2008

6. Go to a locally produced play 11/10/06

8. Hike all the trails in my county park that I just found out about while searching for things to put on this list even though I apparently drive past it constantly. Come to think of it it must sit right beside the jail. Maybe I should get some mace. Finished in the last week!

9. Go to a cemetery just to look around March 2008 in LA with Olivia

11. Go to The Wilds August 19, 2006
12. Go to COSI (the museum not the restaurant) January 2009

20. Lose 20 lbs. Done by 9/07

24. Be able to ride again without breaking any bonesAugust 2006

21. Go a week without fast food March 2009

31. Plant a garden 5/07
32. Plant a tree 11/06

33. Get all current pictures in a scrapbook. Pictures taken during the course of this project don’t count.

34. Steal old photo albums from my mother and make a better scrapbook out of themGermany album given for Christmas 2006
35. Release 5 books into the wild with Book Crossing

37. Preserve food that I’ve grown frozen lots of zucchini 7/07
38. Learn to make one origami animal from memory Swan 6/26/07
39. Make a beaded necklace black necklace for wedding 7/07/07

41. Go to a new fabric store Went to two quilt stores (one going out of business) on 12/26/06

44. Go whalewatching Saw a dolphin in the ocean 2/08
45. Go on an actual vacation that is not business related LasVegas 9/06

48. Visit a state I’ve never been to before Arizona 9/06

50. Take a trip with my frequent flyer miles San Antonio March 2007

53. Meditate at the Earthworks 6-13-07
54. Make a donation of something on each of the solstices and equinoxes for a year

56. Come out as pagan to a coworker 6-11-07

58. Volunteer at a soup kitchen April 2008

62. Go to a movie that I’d normally avoid because it is about animals and the trailer makes me cry Marley and Me – January 2009

64. Eat at a restaurant we’ve never been to before in our town 10/28/06

66. Play mini golf Indoor golf on a date in 11/07 and with C and T in Florida 2/08

68. Read 5 magazines that I don’t normally read cover to cover

70. Buy a dining room table 8/06
71. Get a new computer 7/06
72. Clean out the upstairs storage/junk room I moved ! 2008

73. Finish upstairs bedroom

75. Fly a kite in my incredibly windy backyard 5/24/08

77. Try something totally new Letterboxing 10/9/06

79. Go to class reunion Feb. 2007

83. Make homemade ice cream April 2007

85. Send a handwritten letter to someone from the past who I have not kept in contact with. Can choose anyone. December 2006

87. Do something I hate that the husband wants me to do Um, does a divorce count? LOL

88. Keep my car clean enough for one week that I could carry three other people in it without rearranging anything July 2008

90. Pay all my bills on time for one month

91. Pet one of the barn cats that I can’t currently touch

92. Do a new charitable activity Kiva August 2008
93. Eat something new tempeh 6/07

95. Learn 5 new species of birds that come to my house
cowbird, black vulture, junco, meadowlark, indigo bunting, grackle

98. Get a new car October 11, 2006

100. Go to a Pick Your Own Fruit farm Apples Sept. 2008

So that’s 50 Things that I did!

Things I partially did:

15. Adopt

23. Do a detox – I think the ayurveda counts as detox but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

27. Breed Prize because I love baby horses! Bred her May 2007. Not pregnant. I can’t help it if she refused to cooperate.

60. Read 5 classic books that I’ve never read

    Brave New World read 7/10/06

61. Watch 5 classic movies that I’ve never seen

    The Great Escape – 2008
    Bullit – 2008
    Bringing Up Baby – December 2006

67. Watch fireworks – I saw a bunch while driving around Colorado Springs on the 4th of July but we didn’t actually go somewhere to see them.

76. Replace bulbs that burn out with compact fluorescent bulbs In progress as they burn out

84. Do a big, hard jigsaw puzzle Attempted 9/07 but Riley knocked it on the floor

That’s 8 things I tried.

Stuff I didn’t do (shame, shame!):

3. Visit the museum in my hometown when I am home which is next to impossible because it is never open
5. Go to a Picnic with the Pops (problem – no longer happens here)
7. Attend a First Friday activity in my town
10. Go to the local historical society in the town just south of me
13. Go to a local gorge

14. Go to a local arborteum

16. Get a trampoline. For the kid, yeah, for the kid…
17. Get a really cool swingset. Also for the kid…

18. Do yoga every day for a month to establish a good habit
19. Be able to swim 10 laps in freestyle without stopping to rest
22. Do a pull-up outside of the pool

25. Show sidesaddle
26. Show in a trail class finally
28. Teach Prize to drive

29. Enter a quilt in a quilt show
30. Make a Yule table runner

36. Applique a quilt

40. Make 5 sets of cloth napkins

42. Get my passport stamped
43. Swim with dolphins
46. Go camping that is not trail ride related
47. Take a train somewhere
49. Take a one tank of gas road trip with no preplanning. Fill up the car, pick a direction and drive.
51. Go snorkelling
52. Swim in a natural body of water

55. Talk someone out of doing something I consider unethical

57. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

59. Reread Great Expectations and Moby Dick to see if I still think they are the worst books ever written

63. Go to a professional sporting event

65. Go try on clothes that I could never afford to buy in a snooty store

69. Get a hammock
74. Start upstairs bathroom

78. Make a will
80. Get in the habit of writing thank you cards for even the most mundane things just to blow people’s mind
81. Give blood since I haven’t done anything lately to disqualify me
82. Invite a group of people over for a party
86. Contact a politician who voted for an issue I support to thank him or her. (I usually only write to suggest votes.)

89. Go to an indoor water park

96. Go play bingo
97. Teach an old dog (or horse) a new trick
99. Go boating
101. Learn to ID the trees on my property

To see what other people are doing or to learn the rules of the game visit Triplux.

01 Feb, 2009

101 Things update

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I did #1 on the 101 Things in 1001 Days list.  We went tubing.  I think I might have meant tubing on a river but at this point tubing down a hill will just have to work.

We took Z and went to a ski place with tubing runs.  I like these because you don’t have to climb back up the hill.  That’s the best part of the whole thing for me.

It has been an odd weekend.  Z has been nice.  That’s a sad commentary on her usual self when good behavior is met with suspicion.  The last time we had her there was much kicking, biting, screaming, etc.  There were two major meltdowns.  She spent most of the weekend planning on ways to get rid of me.  I know this because she told me and because she kept saying that I was stupid and needed to go.  This weekend she is following me around like a puppy.  She wants to do whatever I’m doing – sewing, walking on the treadmill, taking care of the animals.

13 Jan, 2009

101 Things Update

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I’m coming to the end of my 101 Things in 1001 Days time.  It is up in March.  Here’s a few things that I’ve done recently.

12. Go to COSI (the museum not the restaurant)

Of course that didn’t go so well.  Screaming children in an IMAX theater are even worse when they are attached to you.

62. Go to a movie that I’d normally avoid because it is about animals and the trailer makes me cry

We went and saw Marley and Me.  I even cried.  I don’t think I cried exactly when I was supposed to because during the euthanasia scene my only thought was, “At least they already have an IV line in.  That’s lucky.”  Vet brains must be wired differently than other people’s.

21 Sep, 2008


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We got a lot of stuff done today. We moved one pickup truck load of assorted stuff to the SO’s house – outdoor fireplace, books, etc. Then we came back and loaded up a load of cardboard to go to the recycling place. As we went past there we commented that neither one of us had even been to the historical society museum. So we went back to my house and disassembled my hutch. Half of it fit in the truck so we moved that to his house. One the way home we stopped at the museum. That fulfilled #4 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list:

Visit local historical museum

The woman in there was so excited to see us that she gave us a detailed tour. The place was like something out of Harry Potter – much bigger on the inside than the outside. It went on and on and she showed us most of it. They did have lots of quilts but they were packed away for the most part and you could only see pictures. They had displays on everything from local boys made good to telephones to local companies to clothes to toys to whatever anyone in the area had ever wanted out of their attic.

Then it was back to my house and loading up the rest of the hutch and moving that back. Then we reassembled it. I’m getting tired just thinking about it all. But it was a productive day.

22 Jul, 2008

The big one

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Number 88 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list was a big one.

Keep my car clean enough for one week that I could carry three other people in it without rearranging anything

I’m a car slob. I live out of my car especially when I’m working a lot. But I get my oil changed sometimes at a place where they clean the car out too and I was too embarrassed to take my car last time since there was no way they could clean it. I finally just decided to clean it.

I pulled everything out of the car. I just dumped it all on the garage floor. Then I went through it and had to put it all somewhere else or else throw it out. I got the car cleaned. I feel sort of bad about this since it was very icky. I took it to a cleaning place and the guys working on my car were not experiencing high job satisfaction at the time. The other group of cleaners cleaned 3 cars while they were working on mine. They probably could have gone faster if they didn’t stop to keep shooting dirty looks at me. I was preparing my defense if they said anything to me. “Yeah, I know. I told her not to trash the car like this!” said in shock and dismay.

Then I went to Colorado. I figured that I really shouldn’t count that as my week with a clean car since I wasn’t even in the same state with the vehicle. That seemed like cheating.

But miracle of miracles, I was so happy with my car being uncluttered that I’ve kept it that way ever since. It has been over a month now. Picking up my junk from it every night is becoming a habit.

15 Jun, 2008

Another one down

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I did item #2 on my 101 in 1001 lis yesterday. I went canoeing. I have the sore right neck muscles to prove it.

We went for just a brief trip (1 hour) because we had Z with us. She was excited at first but then got grumpy and whined for most of the trip. I just kept thinking that I was glad that I wasn’t moving cross country with her during pioneer days. But the SO and I had fun and will be going back to go tubing which just happens to be item #1 on the list.

25 May, 2008

Go fly a kite

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I did item number 75 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list.

Fly a kite in my incredibly windy backyard

It wasn’t even my idea. The SO brought a kite over because he said that my house was the ideal place to fly one. I’m in the open with no power lines over most of the property and it is super windy.

He seemed surprised that I’d never done it before. I mentioned that it was on the list. That lead to a discussion of “what list?” etc. Admitting to this sort of stuff is embarrassing for me. I’m not sure why. He asked me if it was a list of things to do before I die. I said that I hoped not because it needed to be done by March of next year.

Out of the 101 things here’s how I’m doing:

56 things I haven’t done yet
8 are in progress
37 things are finished

Put like that it doesn’t sound so great but I do have some more plans to do things this summer and I guess that that represents 37 things that I did that I wouldn’t have done normally. I have until 3/28/09!

29 Apr, 2008


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This weekend I completed another of my 101 Things in 1001 Days. I volunteered at a soup kitchen. I thought this one might be really hard since I couldn’t find any info about a local place to volunteer. Turns out that area churches have a schedule where they take one night a week and make a meal. The SO’s church does Sunday nights. (Yes, I’m dating a church-going Christian. Yes, that was on my list of absolute no-nos. I’m filing this under the heading of “nobody’s perfect” and moving on.)

I’d done a lot of serving at homeless shelters in TN. It was a big operation. It was like a cafeteria. It wasn’t like that at all here. It was much smaller. They made up the plates of pasta, salad, and bread ahead of time and then just added whatever sauce the people preferred. The servers here were a bit odd. They didn’t seem to want to interact with the people they were serving. They would whisper about the people coming through the line, especially in the cases where they knew the families of the people. It didn’t seem very nice. The SO and I went out and ate with the group with everyone else seemed to barricade themselves in the kitchen. Odd.

02 Feb, 2008

Update on 101 in 1001

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I went through the 101 in 1001 list (link on the sidebar) to see what’s changed lately.

15. Adopt On hold

27. Breed Prize because I love baby horses! Bred her May 2007. Waiting to see if she is pregnant. Not pregnant. Also on hold depending on where we move to.

54. Make a donation of something on each of the solstices and equinoxes for a year
Ostara 2007 – reject quilt, gloves, and toiletries to FIRE
Summer Solstice 2007 – cowboy quilt and happy swap quilt to The Painted Turtle Camp
Mabon and Yule 2007 – tops made for Wrap Them in Love

84. Do a big, hard jigsaw puzzle Attempted 9/07 but Riley knocked it on the floor

87. Do something I hate that the husband wants me to do Um, does a divorce count? LOL

24 Jul, 2007

101 Things in 1001 days update

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I’ve been doing things on my list but haven’t been posting about it. Here’s my update of stuff in the last few months.

#35 Release five books into the wild with BookCrossing.

I released the 5th one yesterday at an outlet mall I stopped at on my way home from my parents’.

#37 Preserve food I’ve grown.

Lots of zucchini frozen!

#38 Learn to make one origami animal from memory

Swan – The simplest animal there is but it amuses me to no end.

#39 Make a beaded necklace

Here’s my swan wearing my simple beaded necklace.

Swan and necklace

# 93 Eat something new – tempeh

13 Jun, 2007

Snowball’s big day

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From Snowball’s journal –

6:45 AM – Wake up Mom and demand to go outside
6:50 AM – Settle back to sleep. Plan to wake up briefly around 10 followed by a nap until 5-ish.
8:00 AM – Wake up when Mom snaps a collar around my neck. I didn’t even know I still had a collar.
8:05 – 8:10 AM – Protest wildly about getting in the car. Car rides never end well. It also never does any good to protest either because I weigh 7.5 pounds and eventually I just get picked up.
8:45 AM – End up at a veterinary clinic. This one is ok because I don’t get groomed here.
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Help Mom see appointments. I do this by making sure I keep her in sight. If she accidently shuts a door, I bark until she acknowledges me.
12:30 PM – Picnic at the Earthworks with Mom and Dad. Then Dad goes back to work and Mom and I do a photoshoot.


Then Mom says that one thing on her 101 in 1001 days list is to meditate at the Earthworks. I help her by tugging on the leash and licking her hands when she sits too still.

2:00 PM – Oh NO!!!! We are at the veterinary clinic where the groomer is!!!! I see Mom’s evil plan now.
2:00 PM – 5:45 PM – I usually help with appointments but I’m not used to being awake this many hours in a day – let alone consectutive hours. I take a nap. But first I have to tell that Doberman who comes with her mom that she isn’t allowed to look at me. She ran away and cried after I got through with her!
5:45 PM – The groomers grab me. There is a bath and ear cleaning. It is horrible. Then blow drying because I bark too loud when I go in the cage with a dryer.
5:55 PM – Brief break when I get to run back to Mom but then she carries me back to get clipped. I hate this part! Everyone says I look beautiful and I have a black bandana with flames that everyone thinks is funny, but I am not amused.
6:30 PM – Finally home. I’m going to collapse and not wake up until tomorrow.

12 Jun, 2007


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I accidently accomplished #56 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list yesterday – come out as a Pagan to a coworker. We were bored at work so the other vet and I went for a walk. She is Hindu but her child goes to a church school. She asked me if I go to church every Sunday. I said that I never go to church. She said that I was a very bad Christian. I said that I wasn’t any type of Christian at all. That threw her. After all I was born here to American parents, therefore I am a Christian in her worldview.

She asked what I was. I said I was a Pagan. She asked me to spell it. She didn’t seem to believe it. She told me that I was trying to make fun of her. I said that I really wasn’t a Christian and that being Pagan was a real thing. She asked if my family was Christian. I said that they were. That confirmed for her that I was therefore a Christian because my family is Christian and that is that.

That was the end of the discussion but I know that at some point she will ask someone else about it to try to find out if I was playing a joke on her. Then it will get interesting.

02 Apr, 2007


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From the 101 Things in 1001 Days list – #95 Learn 5 new species of birds that come to my house

I already knew some of the birds that come here. We have cardinals, robins, and mourning doves. We also have resident pheasants and some turkey vultures. (Yesterday a turkey vulture was standing in the driveway looking at Spirit. At his age that’s a bad sign.)

But the birds that I had to get the bird books out for but I now can ID by myself are juncos, cowbirds, common grackles, meadowlarks, and black vultures. I always thought the meadowlarks were killdeer because they nest on the ground but they didn’t act like killdeer. I finally looked them up and figured out why. We have lots of them. I only saw one black vulture (but there has to be more) around. They have white feathers in their wings that are very obvious when they are flying.

I did some spring cleaning in my garden yesterday. I cleared out a bunch of dead weeds. The soil looks great! It is moist, black, and crumbly. The natural soil here is hard clay. I’ve made the beds from composted horse manure. I disturbed more worms yesterday pulling weeds than I saw the whole first year I tried to plant things here. The roses and lilacs are starting to get leaves. The sedums are growing great and the mint is coming up. My redbud is even starting to get its red buds.


I had to keep repeating to myself, “It is April 1.” The frost free date here is in May so you can’t get too excited about planting things yet.

18 Mar, 2007

More rejection

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My poor, ugly reject quilt has been rejected again. It is so ugly that someone would have to be really cold to like it. So I sent it to a homeless shelter in January. It just came back to me unopened in the mail. I guess that shelter isn’t there anymore.

So I’m sent to the only other place where people are cold enough to like this quilt. Mongolia. I mailed it to FIRE along with a pair of gloves and some toiletries collected from hotels.

But, this means that I get to claim it for my 101 Things in 1001 Days list.

54. Make a donation of something on each of the solstices and equinoxes for a year

19 Feb, 2007


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From the 101 Things in 1001 Days list (see sidebar):

50. Take a trip with my frequent flyer miles

I just booked my trip to San Antonio Texas. The husband has two business meetings in TX in the same week. He has a few days off in San Antonio between them so I’m going to fly down and meet him.

I had almost 60,000 miles because my phone bill used to earn me miles. Round trip in the U.S. should cost 25, 000 but yesterday I could only get a flight out for 50,000. Buying the ticket was quite expensive so we decided I should squander all my miles on one flight instead of two. When I logged on today to get my ticket there was one listed for 25, 000! It isn’t a terribly convenient flight. It heads to NJ first and then has long layovers but I still have enough for another ticket someday.

05 Feb, 2007


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79. Go to class reunion

There’s another thing off the 101 Things in 1001 Days list. The reunion was fun. Mostly it was just a lot of sitting around and talking over two days. Vet school is a major bonding experience and we tend to pick up where we left off by sharing what most normal people would consider to be way too much information. A group of vets sitting around discussing kids will lead to factual conversation about the most intimate details of the child’s conception discussed in clinical terms that makes the non-vet spouses want to crawl under the table.

On the way back I decided to go letterboxing. I found two boxes listed for rest stops that I’d be passing. Unfortunately I couldn’t find either one. I think they are missing or I was having a really bad day. I also tried to stop at a few historic sites but both Henry Clay’s House and Fort Ancient were closed. So much for spur of the moment educational experiences.

But I got back in time for the Super Bowl. Here’s a photo I took at school this weekend that may explain who I was rooting for in the game.


05 Jan, 2007

The reject quilt

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I made this quilt from the leftovers from the cat quilt. Cat quilt – artistic and creative. This quilt – not so much. I’d taken to calling it the reject quilt because it contains pieces of borders I auditioned for the cat quilt and then rejected. I just grabbed pieces and started sewing them together and then used fabric strips to make it bigger. It is quite ugly but it is warm so it will be going to a organization that takes supplies to homeless camps.

One of my 101 things in 1001 days goals was to make a donation on each of the sabbats. I’m claiming this one as my Imbolc donation for this year. I have another quilt in progress that is destined to be a donation so we’ll see if I can get that one done before Beltaine. (I just went and looked at the 101 list. I copped out when I made the list and said that I was going to do a donation for each of the solstices and equinoxes for a year. That means 4 instead of 8. This is too early to claim this for the spring equinox so it is now just a freebie.)

reject quilt

30 Dec, 2006

101 things update

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Here’s an update of what I’ve been doing lately.

34. Steal old photo albums from my mother and make a better scrapbook out of them – Germany album given for Christmas 2006

41. Go to a new fabric store – Went to two quilt stores (one going out of business) on 12/26/06

61.Watch 5 classic movies that I’ve never seen

    Bringing Up Baby – December 2006

I’ve tried to watch this before but never got all the way through it. I still don’t like it. I love Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant but for some reason this movie makes me crazy.

68. Read 5 magazines that I don’t normally read cover to cover

    Science and Spirituality – read 9/06
    Plenty – read 9/06
    O – read 11/06
    National Geographic Traveller- read 12/06
    Budget Traveller – read 12/06

85. Send a handwritten letter to someone from the past who I have not kept in contact with. Can choose anyone. Sent a letter to a friend from school December 2006. She replied and I found out that she got married and changed jobs.

We are still going to new restaurants. On the list I said that we are only going to go to one but once we found one new restaurant we’ve been searching out more.

11 Nov, 2006


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We did #6 on my 101 things in 1001 days list last night. We went to a locally produced play. Actually it was a local dinner theater. The play was laugh out loud funny and the food was very good. They had three food options and the vegetarian option gave you by far the most food. Everyone at my table was quite envious of the pile of food set in front of me. Yes, I paid less than everyone else and I ate more. Yet one more benefit of vegetarianism!

When reviewing the list I realized that last week I also did #32 Plant a Tree. A person I work with was given a pine seedling but she didn’t have room for it so she gave it to me. She made me promise not to let the deer eat it. I didn’t think that would be hard because deer pass through here but don’t seem to stay. The day after I got the tree I had a buck standing in my back yard. He left and I went out to plant the tree. Of the three blue spruce I planted last year, two have been eaten. The other is growing nicely because it was planted near some debris we can’t mow close to so I don’t think the deer noticed it was there because of the weeds. Also one of my apple trees is about half its former height. I don’t know that that buck was to blame but since he is the only deer I’ve ever seen here I’m holding him responsible. I planted the seedling and wished it luck. I haven’t had the heart to go back and see if it is ok.

28 Oct, 2006

101 Things

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We just did # 64 Eat at a restaurant we’ve never been to before in our town. It was good too. The restaurant had been there since 1911 but I’d never noticed it. I found their website and they fit my definition of good restaurant. That means that they had multiple vegetarian options. Definately not “family restaurant”. I won’t even go in to restaurants labeled that because it is almost a guarantee that everything is meat based.

They also have a dinner theater that we signed up to go to in a few weeks. It has vegetarian options too!