My 101 Things in 1001 Days ended yesterday.

These are the things that I’m going to do between July 1, 2006 and March 28, 2009.

What I did:

1. Go tubing Jan. 31, 2009
2. Go canoeing June 2008

4. Visit local historical museum Sept 2008

6. Go to a locally produced play 11/10/06

8. Hike all the trails in my county park that I just found out about while searching for things to put on this list even though I apparently drive past it constantly. Come to think of it it must sit right beside the jail. Maybe I should get some mace. Finished in the last week!

9. Go to a cemetery just to look around March 2008 in LA with Olivia

11. Go to The Wilds August 19, 2006
12. Go to COSI (the museum not the restaurant) January 2009

20. Lose 20 lbs. Done by 9/07

24. Be able to ride again without breaking any bonesAugust 2006

21. Go a week without fast food March 2009

31. Plant a garden 5/07
32. Plant a tree 11/06

33. Get all current pictures in a scrapbook. Pictures taken during the course of this project don’t count.

34. Steal old photo albums from my mother and make a better scrapbook out of themGermany album given for Christmas 2006
35. Release 5 books into the wild with Book Crossing

37. Preserve food that I’ve grown frozen lots of zucchini 7/07
38. Learn to make one origami animal from memory Swan 6/26/07
39. Make a beaded necklace black necklace for wedding 7/07/07

41. Go to a new fabric store Went to two quilt stores (one going out of business) on 12/26/06

44. Go whalewatching Saw a dolphin in the ocean 2/08
45. Go on an actual vacation that is not business related LasVegas 9/06

48. Visit a state I’ve never been to before Arizona 9/06

50. Take a trip with my frequent flyer miles San Antonio March 2007

53. Meditate at the Earthworks 6-13-07
54. Make a donation of something on each of the solstices and equinoxes for a year

56. Come out as pagan to a coworker 6-11-07

58. Volunteer at a soup kitchen April 2008

62. Go to a movie that I’d normally avoid because it is about animals and the trailer makes me cry Marley and Me – January 2009

64. Eat at a restaurant we’ve never been to before in our town 10/28/06

66. Play mini golf Indoor golf on a date in 11/07 and with C and T in Florida 2/08

68. Read 5 magazines that I don’t normally read cover to cover

70. Buy a dining room table 8/06
71. Get a new computer 7/06
72. Clean out the upstairs storage/junk room I moved ! 2008

73. Finish upstairs bedroom

75. Fly a kite in my incredibly windy backyard 5/24/08

77. Try something totally new Letterboxing 10/9/06

79. Go to class reunion Feb. 2007

83. Make homemade ice cream April 2007

85. Send a handwritten letter to someone from the past who I have not kept in contact with. Can choose anyone. December 2006

87. Do something I hate that the husband wants me to do Um, does a divorce count? LOL

88. Keep my car clean enough for one week that I could carry three other people in it without rearranging anything July 2008

90. Pay all my bills on time for one month

91. Pet one of the barn cats that I can’t currently touch

92. Do a new charitable activity Kiva August 2008
93. Eat something new tempeh 6/07

95. Learn 5 new species of birds that come to my house
cowbird, black vulture, junco, meadowlark, indigo bunting, grackle

98. Get a new car October 11, 2006

100. Go to a Pick Your Own Fruit farm Apples Sept. 2008

So that’s 50 Things that I did!

Things I partially did:

15. Adopt

23. Do a detox – I think the ayurveda counts as detox but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

27. Breed Prize because I love baby horses! Bred her May 2007. Not pregnant. I can’t help it if she refused to cooperate.

60. Read 5 classic books that I’ve never read

    Brave New World read 7/10/06

61. Watch 5 classic movies that I’ve never seen

    The Great Escape – 2008
    Bullit – 2008
    Bringing Up Baby – December 2006

67. Watch fireworks – I saw a bunch while driving around Colorado Springs on the 4th of July but we didn’t actually go somewhere to see them.

76. Replace bulbs that burn out with compact fluorescent bulbs In progress as they burn out

84. Do a big, hard jigsaw puzzle Attempted 9/07 but Riley knocked it on the floor

That’s 8 things I tried.

Stuff I didn’t do (shame, shame!):

3. Visit the museum in my hometown when I am home which is next to impossible because it is never open
5. Go to a Picnic with the Pops (problem – no longer happens here)
7. Attend a First Friday activity in my town
10. Go to the local historical society in the town just south of me
13. Go to a local gorge

14. Go to a local arborteum

16. Get a trampoline. For the kid, yeah, for the kid…
17. Get a really cool swingset. Also for the kid…

18. Do yoga every day for a month to establish a good habit
19. Be able to swim 10 laps in freestyle without stopping to rest
22. Do a pull-up outside of the pool

25. Show sidesaddle
26. Show in a trail class finally
28. Teach Prize to drive

29. Enter a quilt in a quilt show
30. Make a Yule table runner

36. Applique a quilt

40. Make 5 sets of cloth napkins

42. Get my passport stamped
43. Swim with dolphins
46. Go camping that is not trail ride related
47. Take a train somewhere
49. Take a one tank of gas road trip with no preplanning. Fill up the car, pick a direction and drive.
51. Go snorkelling
52. Swim in a natural body of water

55. Talk someone out of doing something I consider unethical

57. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

59. Reread Great Expectations and Moby Dick to see if I still think they are the worst books ever written

63. Go to a professional sporting event

65. Go try on clothes that I could never afford to buy in a snooty store

69. Get a hammock
74. Start upstairs bathroom

78. Make a will
80. Get in the habit of writing thank you cards for even the most mundane things just to blow people’s mind
81. Give blood since I haven’t done anything lately to disqualify me
82. Invite a group of people over for a party
86. Contact a politician who voted for an issue I support to thank him or her. (I usually only write to suggest votes.)

89. Go to an indoor water park

96. Go play bingo
97. Teach an old dog (or horse) a new trick
99. Go boating
101. Learn to ID the trees on my property

To see what other people are doing or to learn the rules of the game visit Triplux.