I did item number 75 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list.

Fly a kite in my incredibly windy backyard

It wasn’t even my idea. The SO brought a kite over because he said that my house was the ideal place to fly one. I’m in the open with no power lines over most of the property and it is super windy.

He seemed surprised that I’d never done it before. I mentioned that it was on the list. That lead to a discussion of “what list?” etc. Admitting to this sort of stuff is embarrassing for me. I’m not sure why. He asked me if it was a list of things to do before I die. I said that I hoped not because it needed to be done by March of next year.

Out of the 101 things here’s how I’m doing:

56 things I haven’t done yet
8 are in progress
37 things are finished

Put like that it doesn’t sound so great but I do have some more plans to do things this summer and I guess that that represents 37 things that I did that I wouldn’t have done normally. I have until 3/28/09!