We got a lot of stuff done today. We moved one pickup truck load of assorted stuff to the SO’s house – outdoor fireplace, books, etc. Then we came back and loaded up a load of cardboard to go to the recycling place. As we went past there we commented that neither one of us had even been to the historical society museum. So we went back to my house and disassembled my hutch. Half of it fit in the truck so we moved that to his house. One the way home we stopped at the museum. That fulfilled #4 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list:

Visit local historical museum

The woman in there was so excited to see us that she gave us a detailed tour. The place was like something out of Harry Potter – much bigger on the inside than the outside. It went on and on and she showed us most of it. They did have lots of quilts but they were packed away for the most part and you could only see pictures. They had displays on everything from local boys made good to telephones to local companies to clothes to toys to whatever anyone in the area had ever wanted out of their attic.

Then it was back to my house and loading up the rest of the hutch and moving that back. Then we reassembled it. I’m getting tired just thinking about it all. But it was a productive day.