This is my test post. I just got my blackberry so I can surf and blog when I’m supposed to be working. Right now I’m trying to learn everything it does. I was very tempted to take a picture of my last patient who was the loser of a dog fight just to see how the camera worked.

I’ve learned to get email and how to work the calendar and how to check my RSS feeds. Then I realized that I had no idea how to make a phone call.

I’ve often wished that I was able to blog on the go because I have these brilliant ideas when I don’t have access and they never sound quite as lyrical later. Now the pressure is on. I need to be brilliant to live up to the justification I gave myself for my new toy.

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  • OnTheBit

    haha…well now that you have said it you are so not going to think of anything brilliant on the go for a while so take the pressure off of yourself. I love that you learned how to go online before making a call! What a blogger thing to do. And I think you should justify buying the new toy to yourself because you lived with dial up for so many years!

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