Here is the first block of my fall piece that can’t decide if it is going to be a quilt or table runner yet.


Today is sewing day so I’ll be making more of these. Then my goal is to get my dining room/group sewing area completely cleaned out. That means everything that isn’t mine that’s been living here for a year has to go home with its owners at least temporarily. (Most likely it will live in the owner’s car until I give it a home again.)

I have a cleaning crew coming on Thursday and then the real estate agent coming to take pictures on Friday to list the house for sale. Am I ready? Is the house cleaned out enough? Do you even need to ask? I have a schedule now that I’m on a deadline. Today the dining room with extra work done on other rooms. By tomorrow the living room and kitchen need to be clean enough for pictures. By Thursday the computer room and bedroom and both bathrooms and laundry room…oh crap, I’m in trouble.