My day so far:

1. I had a cheap pedicure at 8:30 AM. The local technical school gives hour long pedicures complete with foot massages for $6.39. The only problem is that they are off all summer when you really need cheap pedicures. But this was a happy thing.

2. I dropped off the letter from the court at my lawyer’s office where the paralegal declared it to be the stupidest thing ever. I agreed.

3. While at my pedicure I was on the phone with my doctor securing my referral letter so I could go to my acupuncture appointment. I was declared to be horribly healthy at my appointment so she couldn’t think of much to do with me other than treat my knee (my reason for going) and she threw in a general relaxation so I felt like I was getting my money’s worth. I can give off some good endorphins when I want and I was so blissed out by my treatment that I didn’t want her to take the needles away. I considered growling at her and that’s when I realized that I may be spending too much time at work.

4. Now I have to go to work and they best not be messing with my bliss there!