My frustrating day:

1. I scheduled an appointment to see an acupuncturist tomorrow for my knee. Yeah! I’ve had acupuncture before but this office is more convenient. My stupid state requires that new acupuncturists get a doctor’s referral for each patient they see. Do I even need to explain the frustration of trying to get my doctor’s staff to understand what I wanted? Do you think they sent me the letter? No. I have to try to get it in the morning in order to go to the appointment.

2. My divorce paperwork was rejected yet again. This time they want to know what day of the month he’ll pay spousal support. Who cares? The support isn’t due to start until the house sells because he can’t pay me and the mortgage both. Who knows what day of the month that will be? They are also still complaining that we have no contingency plan for the house not selling. That’s because there is no option. He keeps paying the mortgage until it sells. Self-explanatory. They don’t like self-explanatory. I don’t know what they think our options are. The lawyer is mad. I have to take the paper they sent me in tomorrow for him to see because he can’t believe it.

3. I’m working at a satellite clinic and relations with the other clinic are chaotic. They keep sending me patients because they don’t want to fully book their appointments. That’s fine with me but people are getting mad if they want to keep going to the clinic they are used to. Today they tried to send me a dog that needed sutured. Long story but the clinic I’m at is not currently allowed (by law) to keep animals overnight so I couldn’t hospitalize the dog. When the tech tried to explain that to the main clinic they accused us of lying and then called the hospital owner. They told him that I was refusing to see cases and trying to dump all my work on them. They made it sound like I had the dog there and was refusing care. In fact the dog owner had called on the phone and we explained the situation to them. They were fine with that because they were closer to the other hospital anyway. It makes me mad because they have been dumping work on me and even called me over last week to help them when they got overwhelmed. They told the practice owner that I called them and volunteered to come over. Instead of admitting they can’t handle the workload (the same one I handle there on other days) and needed to call me in, they are covering themselves. The tech who works with me is going to have a talk with the practice owner tomorrow because we haven’t said anything about the situation before. If they are going to try to get us in trouble for not doing their work it is time to speak up.

So, we went for emergency Mexican food and I’m about to take a long bath. That’s too much frustration for one afternoon.