I’ve come to a hard realization this week about my fitness goals.

Thinking about doing an exercise is not the same as doing it.

That may be self-evident to other people but apparently not to me. Here’s how my brain works. I think “Between appointments I should do some pushups.” My brain interprets that as the exact same thing as having done pushups. It is all proud of me for working out. My brain likes to lie to me.

So last night I decided that if I was going to watch TV I should be on the treadmill. My brain kicked in with the satisfaction of a job well done and let my body continue to lay on the bed. But I made myself get up and do a half hour on the treadmill during Project Runway.

I think that I’m getting some acid reflux. I was asking the SO about it since he was a bad case and takes prescription meds. He offered the opinion that maybe I should lose weight since that’s what doctors always start with when treating. I said that I knew I was gaining weight but I weighed this much before and never had a problem. He said that I was younger then. I said it was last year. He said, “You are getting older…” Obviously the man has a death wish telling a woman that she is fat and old.