Design Wall Monday

This is the block that bested me in math.


I’m hand appliqueing it. I’m actually sort of enjoying it. I was watching the new episodes of Doctor Who and sewing after I went to the quilt show on Saturday. I’m still not sure that it will ever be a whole big quilt but I think it will be more than a single block. I’m not frustrated enough to quit yet.


  • kwiltnkats

    You certainly have a neat family and a wonderful way to describe each and every one. Your quilt block does look challenging indeed. Anxious to see just how big this project actually gets. Sandi

  • marcella

    Good start on a tricky block. I’ve seen a couple of different ways to make this one – it’s smart of you to play with a block or two and see what you like before you decide to make that king sized quilt 🙂

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