With my ongoing projects I don’t have much progress but my friend with the long arm machine finished my Orca Bay top so I just need to get that bound.

I got distracted by a quilting emergency though. I was invited to a baby shower for a coworker at my new job. I got the invitation last week. The shower is Wednesday.

Luckily I a baby quilt UFO with a sordid history that I could finish up. At my old job there is a groomer. She has assistants who help bathe. They don’t stick around long. Two years ago she had a pregnant person. I started this quilt for her but then decided that I didn’t want to go to the baby shower and never got it done. Then the drama started.

This woman had a girl child. Her fiance is an ex-boyfriend of the groomer. They were all sitting around soon after the birth of the child (and probably under the influence of mind altering substances) when the man said that because the child was a girl she had to get pregnant right away again so she can make him a boy. I guess no one ever explained that

1. It is all his “fault” that he had a girl since he gave a X chromosome
2. He is not Henry VIII so get over himself
3. Don’t talk crazy to a post-partum person

She said (remember the mind altering substances) that she wasn’t doing that so the groomer was just going to have to have the next kid. The fiance and the groomer took that as permission. Long story short the groomer is pregnant, supposedly by artificial means but no one is believing that. To the surprise of the groomer and the fiance, the mother of the first child is mad that her fiance is off impregnating others. There has been drama.

In my mind however that was a perfect excuse to finish this quilt and give it to the groomer. Keep it all in the family, as it were. I told people at work this and they laughed hard and then said that I just couldn’t even though the people involved would never know.

So when I needed a quilt in a few days I pulled this out. No one here knows the soap opera. I then proceeded to cut the remaining blocks too small. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made the center. The measurements are all weird. I added the borders and will quilt it in pink.