Ever since I had to move all my quilting stuff a year and a half ago to make way for the renovations in the basement I haven’t had a design wall. There is a lot of stuff piled up next to the walls in the space that I am using. Even if there wasn’t the walls are cement block so I can’t nail up anything.

Today I had had enough. I am making the quilt for my brother’s wedding and I have this weird color pattern in my head. It is a scrappy quilt but I have the progression of colors worked out and I kept screwing up since I couldn’t see it laid out. I don’t want to lay it on the ground since I’m a bit gunshy after the water heater exploded and flooded the quilts I had on the floor.

So here is my improvised design wall. I bought the only flannel carried by WalMart. Since it was a remnant it cost me $1.78 total. The strips it is hanging from are safety pinned in place. I wish I had more fabric to make it wider and I should have hung it on longer straps since I can’t reach the top blocks without a ladder. But for $1.78 I’m thrilled!

Design Wall