Head over to Pam’s House Blend for a discussion of Ohio’s new anti-gay adoption bill.

I fired off emails to the sponsors of the bill and my representatives. I don’t expect much from them because they never even acknowledge that they got anything from you. But this is a such a horrible bill that I needed to voice my opposition.

I am writing to oppose the H.B. No. 515, known as The Adoption and Foster Children’s Protection Act.

There are many children in the state who are in need of loving homes. Every day I drive past a children’s home that has signs out front begging people to sign up to foster and adopt. When there are already shortage of homes you are proposing to limit the number of potential homes further? Do you honestly feel that it is better for children to live in abusive homes or to live state homes than to live in a home with homosexual adults? What is your reasoning?

I am a straight Ohio Republican. If this bill passes I am planning to send campaign contributions to people who run against the bill supporters instead of to Republican candidates. This bill, even more the anti-marriage bill, makes me ashamed of my state.

The straight Ohio Republican line annoys me but I felt like it needed to be in there. I hate the fact that I just know that they would dismiss emails from homosexuals even faster than they will dismiss mine.

Thanks to Trey for the heads up!

Addition – I just got an auto-respond from one of the sponsors. He doesn’t know if he’ll be able to get back to me because he gets up to a dozen emails a day. A whole dozen? And you can’t answer? I get more than that and I manage to read them and reply if necessary.