For this post refer to the picture of Freckles in the previous post and try to imagine….

I did a DNA test on Freckles for fun. I don’t believe that they truly are sophisticated enough yet to determine what breeds are in a dog. They tend to say crazy things like “Japanese Chin” in the results. Really? How many Japanese Chins are there in the world? Do you think there are really some running around your neighborhood siring stray dogs? But I decided that it would be fun to see what it said Freckles was made of. You submit a cheek swab and about two weeks later get a result.
I got her results today. Level 1 means 75% of her DNA is one breed, level 2 is 37-74% of DNA, level 3 is 20-36%, level 4 is 10-19%, and level 5 is less than 10%.
Here are her results:
Level 3 – English Springer Spaniel – the English Springer Spaniel Rescue will be glad to know that they rescued the right kind of dog.
Level 3 – Beagle – maybe that’s why she is short
Level 4 – Brittany – I can believe a mix of spaniel breeds in her.
Level 5 – Dalmatian – not so sure about that but that’s just a smidgen.
Now the result that cracked me up.
Wait for it
Are you sitting down?
Level 4 – Pomeranian!

You realize that means one of two things. Either:
A) Snowball has possessed Freckles and has taken over down to the molecular level
B) Snowball’s ghost spit on the sample

Don’t try to talk scientific like somehow there was cross-contamination since Snowball died in June and my housecleaner is neurotic so no trace of stray DNA is around. Possession explains a lot. No wonder Freckles can’t stop chasing Riley. Snowball is inside there screaming, “You SOB! I’m bigger than you now!!!!”