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I’d been hearing all week that we were going to get snow. I don’t pay much attention. I’m from a snowier area than this so locals’ idea of snow and mine are different. I did go to the grocery store yesterday in spite of snow warnings. It was time to buy stuff. I wasn’t there to stock up because THERE WAS GOING TO BE A DISASTER! WE MIGHT ALL STARVE TO DEATH! It did amuse me that everyone seemed to be planning on spending the disaster with lots of beer and chips until I remembered that it was Super Bowl weekend.

When I left for work at 12:15 there was no snow. I drove south and the snow started. We ended up closing early so I got home at 5:30. My backyard looked like this:

This morning that same picture looks like this.

The poor lilac bush has been squished by the weight of the snow. The snow is elbow deep on Freckles who thought this was fun last night and now isn’t so sure.

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