My weekend didn’t go quite as planned. Since we didn’t have any plans I figured that I would get a good start on my barn blocks for a neighborhood swap I’m signed up for. I had printed out a paper pieced block that I really liked. It wasn’t until I started cutting it up that it occured to me that the pieces were really small. The block was supposed to be 10 inches but the print out would have made a six inch block.

Backup Plan #1:
Use my new photoshop skills to upsize the pattern to the right size.
What Actually Happened:
I was all proud of myself for mastering photoshop. This proudness continued until I tried to put all the pieces together and they didn’t fit. Apparently I have some additional mastering to do. I upsized different sections to different sizes. Whoops.

Backup Plan #2:
Resize the resized pieces

What Actually Happened:
Just trying to figure out what I had to do made my head hurt. I gave up.

Backup Plan #3:
Start over by redrawing the pattern to the appropriate size on freezer paper. I haven’t tried yet so I’m not sure what sort of fresh hell I’m opening for myself here.


The SO has a cough. By ‘cough’ I mean bone-jarring, hack up a lung, sort of cough. I decided to try to be helpful when he was trying to sleep. I put my hand on his chest and started to do Reiki without telling him. I’m still a skeptic so I never think it is going to work. He fell asleep and everything was good until I fell asleep. Then he started coughing again. I figured I hadn’t helped at all. I started to roll over and he said, “I don’t know why but it feels better when you have your hand on my chest.” I guess it was helping after all! But. I need to invent a way to keep giving Reiki when I’m asleep since we had a cycle going of I do reiki – he falls asleep – I fall asleep – he wakes up coughing again.
I sent him to a doctor today for strong cough medicine so maybe we can all sleep better tonight.