Do you like pina coladas?

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If so you’d love our trip so far. I’m sitting in a bar in Red Hook drinking pina coladas because it is pouring rain. Everyone sing along – "Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?"

Our waitress is Heather from Michigan by way of North Carolina. Followed a guy to VI. He’s gone but she loves it here. It was her birthday yesterday. Yesteterday was my former anniversary. We celebrated.

The SO and I hit the beach this morning. I lathered with SPF 70+ We found chairs in the shade and alternated swimming and laying for a few hours. Even through the sunblock I could feel the need to get out of the sun.


After the rain let up we explored Red Hook. We were guilty of walking while North American because every taxi stopped for us and the drivers acted like we were crazy for walking. We found a nice pagan store and a grocery store. We stocked up on rum, pina colada mix, and coke so we don’t have to pay $8 for drinks anymore. I never drink at home so two drinks a day seems crazy to me.

We snorkled off the hotel beach for an hour. The first animal we saw was a manta ray. Just a little one. There were some big fish too. Then we hit the pools for a change of pace. Multiple applications of sunblock later my arms seem to be getting some color.

ZombieBaby is on our balcony overlooking the ocean with St John in the distance.
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