ZombieBaby’s Vacation

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Meet the baby. I don’t know where she came from but she showed up at work with two happy meal dinosaurs. I started arranging them in artful tableaux involving the dinosaurs maiming the baby. My favorite was when they played tug of war with her. The dinosaurs went to a good home and the baby had a break for a while. Then last week I hung her from the string of a yoyo so it looked like she committed suicide by jumping from a bookcase with a rope around her neck. Then someone suspended her in a pill bottle full of alcohol so she resembled an exhibit in a freak show.

But here she is jumping into my suitcase. After she survived all that I’m renaming her ZombieBaby! I found her in my purse today strapped to a surfboard keychain that has St Thomas or Bust written on it in Sharpie. Obviously she was desperate to come since she was hand delivered to the clinic I was working in today which is not the clinic where she lives!

I have a feeling that ZombieBaby is going to have an adventure on St Thomas…
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