I’m a bathtub girl. I once picked a house to build based purely on the bathtub included in the design. In my last two houses I’ve had small, sad bathtubs but I use them anyway.

Source -Cheviot Products 2161W-AB Vintage Dual Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub (in case you would like to buy me one)

Obviously I’d need a side table to hold my books and drinks and candles.  Something like this would be lovely.

traditional-outdoor-plantersI could arrange as needed and then push them out of the way.

Sometimes I like to read outside.

55fff8cb57a841bcf9e28da9bee9bfd4I’d don’t know about the water since I like to keep books and electronics dry.  Let’s just go with over land.  I’d credit this but every place I see it has just the picture – probably so no one else can get one for themselves.

If I want to move indoors, we could do this.