I like modern art better than older art usually. The husband is the opposite. We usually meet in the middle around the Impressionists.

I went to the Modern Art Museum by myself in Nice. He was going to the bar next door.

I wasn’t overly impressed with this museum. It was a very large space that didn’t have much in it.

This shroud is made entirely of bones. I’m not sure where you get that many bones. The sign said that they were human and animal bones. It certainly shows dedication to collecting.

My favorite piece was this dress.

It is made entirely from plastic pop bottles.

There was a section on Niki de Saint Phalle. This is Fontaine aux Quatre Nanas.

I got out of the museum and couldn’t find the husband. Turns out he got bored and decided to go into the museum too but had no way to tell me that. I could have killed him. He actually liked the museum better than I did.

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  1. I like all your photos. I’m not a great fan of modern art, but it does make for more interesting pictures than older art. I enjoy seeing modern art pieces, but appreciate the older art more. Nikki de Saint Phalle pops up in many unexpected places.

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